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1. Products sold on Kuubwa are of International Quality.
2. Purchases on Kuubwa come with buyer protections.
3. Buyer Negotiates with Seller for final price.
4. Kuubwa reduces customs paperwork.

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Buying on Kuubwa creates millions of African jobs.
Buying African builds African manufacturing.
Get the best deal by buying from the largest pool of sellers.

How to become a ($) millionaire on Kuubwa

1. Start a business and register it as a seller on Kuubwa.
2. Make and sell high quality products on Kuubwa.
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4. Kuubwa deposits payments in your bank account.

Kuubwa outshines Facebook & Instagram

Social media engines do not make the best sales and marketing tools.

Kuubwa gives you the tools to grow your business and expertly use your social media accounts.

Feature KuubwaInstagramFacebook
Buyer & Seller Protections
Sales deposited into seller's account
Cross border / International Sales
Sales & Marketing Tools

Why Instagram and Facebook
cross border sales FAIL

1. The buyer cannot tell if the product or seller is real or fake.
2. Sellers will not send product until payment is received.
3. Buyers will not send money until product is received.

The Kuubwa Solution

a. Kuubwa offers buyers and sellers real protections.
b. Kuubwa handles the cross border currency exchange.

Are you ready to sell on Kuubwa?

1. Have you started your business?
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Kuubwa helps you source all your raw materials and inputs across Africa, freeing you to focus on building great products.
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Easily trade across borders
Kuubwa gives your business the tools and real-time logistics to seamlessly trade across borders.

Jewelry, Cosmetics, Precious Stones

Fine Jewelry

Affordable African made jewelry

Cosmetic Jewelry

High quality cosmetic jewelry

African Cosmetics

World-class African cosmetics

Gold, Diamond, Precious Stones

Uncut stones and gems (Legally Mined)

Fashion And Fine Arts

Latest African Fashion

Customized to your needs

Assorted African Fabrics

Shop the latest in African fabrics

Foot ware

Source across borders

Paintings & Drawings

Sell paintings, drawing worldwide

Carvings and Sculptures

Commercial & residential quantities

Musical Instruments

Source across borders

Agriculture and Food Commodities

Grains, Cereals, Nuts, Tubers

Source your food commodities from Africa by the bag or ton

Sea food and Aquaculture

Source fish and other fish related produce from the sea or farm raised sources

Livestock / Meats

Choose from Africa's widest selection livestock or processed meats

Food Processing Equipment

Storage tanks, mills, grinders etc.

Processed Foods

Source unprocessed raw or partially refined food commodities

Fertilizers / insecticides

Increase your crop yield with Africa manufactured fertilizers and insecticides

Farm supplies

Farm equipment, tillers, tools and chemicals

Irrigation Systems

Your source for African drip or traditional irrigation, pumps, hoses and much more.

Construction Materials

Premium Quality Cement

Buy in bags or bulk

Electrical Cables

Commercial & residential cables

Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles

Multiple sizes and custom orders

Plumbing Supplies

Stand and custom orders

Premium Quality Doors/ Windows

Residential & Commercial & Custom

Custom Cabinetry

Residential and commercial cabinets

Roofing Material

Metal, asphalt tile, and shingle

Wood and Lumber Products

Africa hardwoods, the best wood worldwide

Industrial & Retail Supplies

Commercial & Residential Furniture

Custom pieces available

Household Utensils

Multiple sizes and custom order

Solar Panels

Commercial & residential quantities

Hardware and Tools

Africa manufactured tools and hardware

Equipment and Parts

Buy or sell machinery and parts.

Industrial & Residential Chemicals

Customized to your needs

Premium Quality Steel

Construction steel rods

Quality Steel products

Roll or ingots
Trade Logistics
Trade across boarders seamlessly
Trade Protection
Buy with confidence
Source suppliers
Search products across AfCFTA
Expert sales tools
Easily create marketing campaigns