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User Terms: Seller Performance

Seller Performance Standards

Providing a great experience for buyers is a top priority for of us. This seller performance standard lays out the terms and conditions for sellers to provide or exceed the great service buyers expect from our platform. It also helps you track your performance and sell with confidence.

Seller Performance levels

Seller performance assessments are conducted on the 25th of each month. Based on the history of your sales and the quality of service you provide to your buyers, you'll be assigned one of the following seller levels:

Seller rating elements

Below are the items we use when making a Seller Rating:

Becoming a Gold Supplier

Becoming a Gold Supplier consistently deliver outstanding customer service; making them eligible to display the Gold Supplier Seal with their listings.

How to become to becoming a Gold Supplier:

How your performance is calculated

Your seller performance level is calculated by looking at your transaction incident rate, non-seller resolution cases, late shipments, and tracking validation. Transaction incident rates and cases closed without seller resolution One of the key seller performance measures is your transaction incident rate. An incident is added to your account if:

If there is a dispute that arises from a transaction, we recommend that the seller contact the buyer and resolve the dispute to the satisfaction of both. You can resolve the issue with the buyer by issuing a refund or accepting a return so the request isn't concluded as the seller's fault. In the event we are asked to resolve the dispute, buyer and sea dispute resolution is opend we're asked to step in and help with a Kuubwa Money Back Guarantee case, you can resolve the issue with the buyer by issuing a refund or accepting a return so the request isn't concluded as the seller's fault. If the seller is found to be responsible for the issue, this will result in what we call a “case closed without seller resolution.” We count these in your transaction incident rate and as a percentage of your transactions closed without you resolving them.

Cases to avoid:

Late shipments

To provide your buyers with great service, it's important to make sure you send your items on time. Late shipments are determined by the percentage of transactions that you sent after the handling time stated in your listing or that were not delivered by the estimated delivery date.

We'll only consider a shipment late if:

What happens to a below par suppliers

A Below Par Supplier status will affect how you sell on Kuubwa. The consequences of falling Below Standard can include:

Permanent Account Restrictions

Permanent selling restrictions are generally applied to accounts when they have remained Below Par for at least 2 consecutive months.

If at any time we have urgent concerns about your account; for example, if we've detected fraud or if your selling practices pose a threat to the buyer experience.

The actions we take will be proportional to the nature of the issue we have identified and what is reasonably required to protect the interests of all Kuubwa users and Kuubwa as provider of the services. You will be notified by email if any restrictions or limits a placed on your account.