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User Agreement - Selling Fees

Standardization on United States Dollar (USD)

When you list a product for sale on Kuubwa, you list it in United States Dollars. The benefits are:

  1. Buyers see listing in their local currency and pay the equivalent amount in their local currency.
  2. Buyers and sellers can easily compare products from different countries based on price, etc.
  3. USD listing prevents you from having to make constant price updates with every local currency exchange rate fluctuation.

Referral Fees on Sales

Every item sold on Kuubwa, sellers pay a percentage of the total price (item's price + external shipping cost ), or a minimum amount, whichever is greater.

  1. Referral fees are in addition to selling plan fees.
  2. We do not charge referral fees on customs duties and taxes.
  3. External shipping cost: shipping not using Kuubwa logistics.

Kuubwa Logistics Shipping Commission

Kuubwa collects a commission on items shipped using a Kuubwa logistics shipper. The commission is 11% or $1.00 minimum amount, whichever is greater. Commission fees are in addition to shipping subscription.

Referral Fees Rate :

 Category RateMinimum
Beauty Products8%$1.00
Food & Medicine7%$1.00
Construction Material12% up to $1000.00
10% $1,000.00 - $5,000.00
8% above $5,000.00
Furniture & D├ęcor12% up to $200.00
10% above $200.00
Fine Art15% up to $100.00
10% above $100.00
Jewelery,Gem stores20% up to $200.00
10% above $200.00
Everything else 12%$1.00

Sample Fee Calculation

Sales on cement $6200.00
Shipping2 $817.00
Total $7017.00
Referral Fee = $1000.00 % 12 $120.00
Referral Fee = $4000.00 % 10 $400.00
Referral Fee = $2017.00 % 8 $161.36
Total Referral Fee $681.36

1 Taxes and customs fees are not included in the Referral fee calculation.
2 External non Kuubwa shipping is combined with the product cost. Kuubwa logistics shipping fees are handled separately.

Tax & Customs Fees

Depending on your country, value added tax (VAT), general consumption tax (GST), import and export CUSTOMS fees may apply to your sales. This may affect the total sales amount to collect from the buyer. Kuubwa must and do comply with all government tax and customs regulations. We do not set or have any influence on such charges.

All taxes and government fees collected are forwarded to the relevant government authority.
Taxes and fees are included in the sales quote the buyer sees.