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User Terms: Image and Video Usage Policy

Images, video and text policy overview

We recommend when creating listings, web and product pages , marketing campaigns, you create/take your own photos, product pages, marketing text. You create better and more accurate representations of your products and service with your own images, videos and text. This will result in buyers having more confidence in their purchases.

You may only use images text and videos of copyright holders with their expressed written permission to use them on Kuubwa. If you do not have such permission your product and listings may be removed.

Unacceptable Media types

You may not use any videos, images, or text that you copy from external websites, Internet search results or any publicly available source on Kuubwa. You may not use:

Acceptable Media types

Media Limitation
Video MP4Max size limit 20MB
Images JPG,PNG, TIFF,Max size limit 5MB
Text/HTMLCustom text or html code you created